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Friends of the Show

Paige Bond

Paige is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist that is gracious enough to lend us her expertise and insights. She specializes in a lot of things, including non-monogamous relationships.

Visit for her site and download the Jealousy Workbook for free!

Be sure to check out her Stubborn Love Podcast!

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The Mac Knows Worst Podcast

The Mac, Autumn and Black Adam host a long running conversation podcast covering everyday ups, downs, awkward situations, and frustrations stemming from the life stories of the host Tyler McAnally. 

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Redacted: The Podcast

Hosts Anastasia Beaverhausen and Dolores Mulva have guests anonymously share horrible, hilarious, creepy, unbelievable, insert-adjective-here dating stories. Because everyone has at least one good story to share. Listen now: Redacted: The Podcast


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Ian Gregory Trutt

Creator of "Cam Girl" a  new digital video series that you can enjoy here or visit his page at

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Michael Strumsky

Michael Strumsky is the host of the podcast People More Interesting Than Me and a fantastic guest and friend of the show!

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Geoffrey Asmus:

Geoffrey is a touring comedian that has been on the road for years. He joined us in 2023 for our first in-person interview and we learned what life on the road and how growing fame can impact relationships.

Go see him live or enjoy his weekly podcast: You're An Idiot

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Josh Edwards, P.I.

Sometimes some relationships need a different kind of outside perspective and our friend Josh fills us in on when someone should hire a Private Investigator and what to expect. He can be found at

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Ruan Willow

 Ruan Willow is an erotica author, a sexuality & erotica podcaster at Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow podcast, a NSFW audiobook voiceover actor/narrator, and sex blogger & influencer at

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Natalie "Nat The Brat" Aubergine

Natalie Aubergine is an amazingly intelligent and beautiful cam girl who gives us insight into online sex work. You can find her on Twitter as @nataubergine 

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