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The Cast and Crew

The Relationship Smith: Nathaniel aka Hammer

 Nathaniel has been giving online relationship advice since 1992 when he discovered a text-only bulletin board with a "relationships" forum. After moving around to various social media sites he has found a new home on Reddit where thousands of people have been given his free advice. 

Nathaniel is not a licensed therapist. If you need the help of a professional you should seek one out ASAP. 


Jo321sh is our technology producer. He's a skilled broadcaster, editor, technologist and comedian. He keeps the show running and keeps the other hosts on their toes with devastating one liners. 


Zazz is a talented musician, editor and commentator. When not wrangling callers or handling messages to the show he keeps driving the content. His often offers up a second insight into the issues our callers have and he keeps the rest of the crew on topic!

The TRS Approach

After decades of giving advice, The Relationship Smith has developed an approach for dealing with most of the issues that come his way.


The first, and most important step is to listen and to gather all of the facts available while keeping in mind that what someone says is just as important as what they don't say. 


From there he usually tries to figure out what the problem really is or what the person actually needs - not what they think they want.


Finally he shapes an answer that will get them honestly thinking about the life they really want and the steps they need to take to begin living that life.


My Approach
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